Inducible Protein Expression

The inducible expression device combines two inducible expression systems in one cell. The expression of different gene of interests can be controlled ether by doxycycline (dox-off) or coumermycin (coumermycin-on).

After induction the respective transactivator induces the expression of gene of interests as well as its own expression.

Off Expression Device

EGFPdox-off  induced
mCherrycoum-on  not induced

On Expression Device

EGFPdox-off  not induced
mCherrycoum-on  induced

Constitutive Protein Expression

The significant advantages are:

  • After transfection and selection resulting cells show a better long term stability of expression
  • Better yield of stable expressing cells
  • Higher middle expression level of resistant cells. Consequently it is possible to isolate more cell clones with high expression level

technology is a new expression technology for expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells.

Our proprietary technology uses special stabilizing and enhancing sequences. These sequences integrate together with the transgene into the host chromatin and prevent gene silencing of the neighbouring transgene. The resulting cell lines show an increased recombinant protein expression and a better long term expression stability

Using our technology a fast and easy stable cell line generation is possible.